The Great Divide releases 'SPEED' music video & single

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6/11/20211 min read

"SPEED" is the first single & video extracted from Italian hard rockers The Great Divide's new album "Higher" due to be released in the first quarter of 2022.

The song tells the dream of some guys who, as in a game, identify with reckless characters.

The Great Divide line up:
Mauro Pala: vocals
Pier Paolo Cianca: guitar
Gabriele Sorrentino: guitar
Alessio Ripani: bass
Vladimiro Melchiorre: drum

Watch the video!

The Great Divide formed in 2011 in a converted garage in the outskirts of Rome, Italy. Finds its sound and defines its own language somewhere between the hard rock of Velvet RevolverBackyard BabesFoo Fighters, and the grunge of Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, with crossover and alternative rock influences.
The band recorded their first Album (UNION - 2017) in a weekend, in the old fashioned way: live, "plug and play" into the amps, without editing in post production, looking for the same magic, energy and interplay heard on the albums of the seventies.
These words can well describe the band: Raw, Fast, Loud. Human, Chilled Out & Soothing. This is The Great Divide.

With their Atlantic Hangover Rock The Great Divide welcomes you with a mix of American/European Hard Rock in a race that is going to leave you gasping for air.
A fistful of stones right in your face, blended with melodic yet powerful vocals that will lead you through the entire set until the last act, when you'll finally be set free into a higher state of consciousness. 

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