I, Pariah Dystopian Visions

6/6/20212 min read

Band: I, Pariah 
Title:  Dystopian Visions
Genre: Melodic Deathcore
Release Date: May 21st, 2021


1. Criminal
2. Oblivion
3. Denier
4. Shrine
5. Vulture Mine
6. New Dawn
7. Crown of Creation
8. Dystopian Visions

Steve Poff: Voice
Garrin Beaudoin: Guitar
Leonidas Mcnichol: Guitar
Adam Curry: Bass
Josh Musick: Drums

I, Pariah is a melodic deathcore band out of Phoenix, Arizona celebrating the release of their third new single “Vulture Mine” from the new album Dystopian Visions due to be released Friday, May 21st. I, Pariah is for fans of Whitechapel, Fit For An Autopsy, and Thy Art Is Murder. New album “Dystopian Visions” by I, Pariah is the third release from the band and debut full-length featuring guest vocalists Andy Thomas (Black Crown Initiate) and Chaney Crabb (Entheos). 
"Dystopian Visions" introduces us bluntly to the reality of corruption and injustice with atypical Deathcore, I, Pariah is a band with the talent to develop engaging compositions with good choruses. Moreover, it knows how to be convincing and we have to admit that, although self-produced, the final product is really good.
The initial arpeggio in "Criminal" opens the aggressive attack of the album, in which some peculiarities reflect the sound of the album, just as fierce is the double bass in this opening track that crosses the synths, becoming a fundamental part of it. "Oblivion" is more classic Deathcore, with massive riffs and guitar solo.
"Vulture Mine", "New Dawn" and "Denier" are the comistion between Garrin Beaudoin and Leonidas Mcnichol, whose guitars manage to build melodies alternating with the aggressiveness of the songs.
"Shrine", with acoustic and classical guitar and "Crown of Creation", a very interesting piece, are two instrumental tracks, a choice at least particular but successful.
In general, in this album the Adam Curry and Josh Musick's rhythm playing is excellent, Steve Poff's voice, too, takes on both growl and scream vocals.
Closing title track 'Dystopian Visions' features dark, well-crafted guitars, the chorus featuring Andy Thomas of Black Crown Initiate as additional vocals, aggressive of course. A lead guitar line after the second chorus is very impressive.
"Dystopian Visions" is an interesting unconventional Deathcore album and with good potential.

Valeria Campagnale

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