Arcane Tales - Tales From Shàranworld

6/12/20212 min read

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Band: Arcane Tales
Title: Tales From Shàranworld
Genre: Power / Symphonic Metal
Label: Broken Bones Promotion
Release date: 16 February 2021


Luigi Soranno

1. Under Siege 
2. Wall of Shields
3. The Shadow’s Raise
4. Mirror of the Dark Side
5. Magic Spell
6. The Banquet
7. Raging Blade
8. Ghostly Whispers 
9. Rainbows’ Valley 
10. Battle For Earth 
11. Screams the Eternal Fortress
12. Winter Symphony 
13. Angels’ Descent

"Tales From Shàranworld" is the latest work by Arcane Tales, the solo project of Italian multi-instrumentalist Luigi Soranno. The album follows "Sapphire Stone Saga" with a classic power metal sound. The Shàran stories are described with an epic approach since the intro "Under Siege", the following "Wall of shields is power speed metal epic elements. 
On the same epic line we have "The shadow's raise" while "Mirror of the dark side", a song already included in the album "Battle For Earth", is re-arranged, very theatrical and with a gloomy atmosphere. The song "Magic spell" is a particular one, with a touch of prog in its composition, the following "The banquet" is much more captivating, while "Raging Blade" gives us a beautiful Power with energetic and marked tones, in this song we also find the choirs that were missing until now.
To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the birth of Arcane Tales, we can listen to the rearrangements of three songs "Ghostly Whispers", "Battle for Earth" and "Angels' Descent".
Soft and insightful is the short "Rainbows’ Valley",  a sort of break before the more energetic and interesting "Screams the eternal fortress".
Winter Symphony" is one of the three singles released, the most symphonic track of the whole album, very melodic and dramatic and one of the best compositions of "Tales From Shàranworld". 
"Tales from Shàranworld" is a pleasant album of strong classic Symphonic Power Metal from its beginning and full of nuances, with a good songwriting, valid as well as the excellent production and the fact that Luigi Soranno is the only creator of composition and realization, even vocal, I'd say that is to be taken in consideration in the realization of this work.

Valeria Campagnale