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The brilliant American Hard Rock Metal band Veritas is guest on Rockers And Other Animals with this interview. After the review to the new album "Threads of Fatality" released on 28 August 2020, it's time to ask some question to this combo who manages to create an intertwined musicality of prog elements and classic sounds.

"Threads of Fatality” was released on August of the past year, How do you feel it was received by your followers and fans?

I think the cd was very well received. We had quite a few fan awaiting it's release after hearing the Ep we released previously. We've heard that have been introducing their friends to the band and helping spread the music.

"Threads of Fatality" contains gems such as Eyes of the Blind, Dying To Live or Love & Burn. How these piece are born?

So far, I write the main melody and guitar parts, send them to Mark Zonder to add drums. He sends them back and I re-record the guitar tracks to make everything fit together. Then it's on to Geno for bass tracks and to Denny for vocals.

Atmospheres typical of the '80s in the album are evident but they are not just another proposal, they are a continuation of that period. The result is an aggressive album, did you want to produce it in this way or was it the result of your hard work that brought you, let's say 'unconsciously' to this final product?

We basically write music that we like and would listen to even if not members of the band. I personally don't try to write to any one genre. I just start with an idea and build upon it until it's a complete song.

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Has anything changed in composition or musical approach after your “Veritas EP”, released in 2019?

No so far we've kept the same writing and recording process. Threads of Fatality is a continuation of the EP and contains the 4 tracks.

Is melody or technique more important to you when composing a piece?

I think both are equally important. If the songs are melodic but simplistic they can be very boring to musicians and if they are too technical but lack melody, the average music fan will become bored. We hope that our music combines both so everyone can enjoy it.

You could say that the band doesn't really have a clear-cut style, in the sense that the sound can't be encapsulated in one genre. In the album you can understand the approach to different styles. Do you compose together or do you each add your own style after the composition is done?

We all add our own style and influences and luckily so far we all seem to have the same vision of what type of music we want to write.

 Veritas, Interview, Threads of Fatality, album,heavy rock, power metal, rockers and other animals

You have a special member on drums, Mark Zonder. How did this collaboration come about? And how much of an impact did your artistic background have?

We were definitely lucky and it happen at just the right time. Our original drummer let us know he was stepping down for personal reasons and we had just found Denny Anthony as a singer a few months earlier. When Denny found out, he suggested contacting Mark to see if he would be interested in doing the drums for the recording.
Denny had worked with Mark on a previous project. I'm not sure what impact our music had on his decision but he liked it enough to agree to track drums.

What's in Veritas' future?

Right now, we're marketing the current cd and have just started working on the follow up. No release date yet but like and follow our Facebook page to keep updated. We hope to play some shows once everything reopens.

Thank you for this interview, would you like to add something?

Check out our latest cd Veritas-Threads of Fatality. It's available worldwide in physical and digital. Visit our official site for links to the cd, downloads and merch. Also like and follow our Facebook page.

Valeria Campagnale