Krilloan – Stories Of Times Forgotten


6/21/20212 min read

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Band: Krilloan
Title: Stories Of Times Forgotten
Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Release date: 21 May 2021


1. Into The Storm
2. Yggdrasil
3. Fireborn
4. Moonblade
5. Times Forgotten

Klas Holmgren – Guitars
Steve Brockmann – Lead Guitar
Alex VanTrue – Vocals
Marco Toba – Bass
David Lanas – Drums

Jack Reynolds – backing vocals (Into The Storm)
Tom O´Dell - backing vocals (Into The Storm)
Matthew Correy - backing vocals (Fireborn)
Ferran Blazeborn - backing vocals (Fireborn)

Krilloan began in 2020 as a solo project, founded by Swedish composer and guitarist Klas Holmgren, Krilloan quickly grew into something bigger and an year later, the project now includes members from all over the world. The initial vision was to write songs in the same spirit as the melodic power metal and heavy metal bands of the late eighties and early nineties. In late 2020 Krilloan joined forces with Stormwarrior mainman Lars Ramcke and Iron Savior's Piet Sielck who agreed to mix and master the album, Krilloan managed to get the sound they were looking for. When Felipe Machado Franco agreed to paint the cover, they had all the pieces of the puzzle to bring the vision to life. "Stories Of Times Forgotten" contains guest appearances from the international metal scene such as Jack Reynolds and Tom O´Dell from Battleborn, Matthew Correy from Fellowship and Ferran Blazeborn from Theragon.
The five tracks on the EP are of a high standard and demonstrate a certain skill and when you hear it sounded like that, it's a shame to reconfirm that at the end of the fifth track it's just an EP and not an album.
"Into the Storm" is an thrilling start reminiscent of Helloween and Rhapsody with excellent, freaky drums that contrast well with solos and vocals while still creating a melodic atmosphere. Also in 'Yggdrasil' the drums are very incisive with the more cadenced vocals and the track itself manages to be more theatrical, at the moment it is impossible to say whether the first or the second track is better, they are both interesting but different, which is not often the case in the power genre.
"Fireborn" is the most epic track the level of composition and execution is higher than in the previous tracks with great riffs and we can hear Mathew Corry and Ferran Blazeborn on backing vocals.
We remain in the epic realm with the following 'Moonblade', the fourth and penultimate track, very speedy with vocals that go from soft to hard notes in a constant swing.
"Times Forgotten" is a journey back in time where you can hear the influences of bands like Helloween or Gamma Ray,  a god heavier track, less speed then the others and  with the great Alex's vocals.
I have a sort of personal respect for bands that play power and epic metal because they manage to combine good melodies, sometimes memorable ones, with frenetic rhythm and sharp guitars without going overboard and ruining their work. Here, "Stories Of Times Forgotten" is all that, Krilloan have managed to balance the right balance in this EP.

Valeria Campagnale