Stratofortress - Anthems of the world


6/8/20213 min read

Stratofortress - Anthems of the world


Tracklist and Bands:
01. Destiny StratospherE
02. Hunting High & Low Kublai Kapsalis
03. Black Diamond Beto Vazquez Infinity
04. Distant skies Marko Pukkila
05. Eternity Dark Horizon
06. Hold on to your dream Heart Attack
07. Anthem of the world Tales and Legends
08. Paradise Heaven Denies
09. Shine in the dark Magma Lake
10. Playing with fire Gépmadár
11. Father Time Iliour Griften
12. S.O.S Eagleheart
13. The kiss of judas Silent Saga
14. Halcyon Days Sunrise

With 'Anthems of the world', released on 27 May, the super band Stratofortress, a project conceived and coordinated by Italian vocalist Iliour Griften, pays tribute to Stratovarius. The album contains 14 songs re-recorded and performed by Italian and foreign artists, to name but a few, as the list of musicians involved in the project is quite substantial: Bob Katsionis, Mike LePond and even Timo Tolkki, Matias Kupiainen, Jari Behm.  The album features songs from the different eras of Stratovarius' career, performed respecting the same original melodies and partly modifying them, in some tracks, by adding new arrangements without distorting the original creation. We already find the participation of Timo Tolkki with Stratosphere in the opening track "Destiny", an excellent start with his interpretation, in the second track instead Kublai Kapsalis feat. Jari Behm and Elmas MT, another excellent performance, which highlights both the bass lines of the former member of Stratovarius, and the beautiful voice of Elmas MT (Vivaldi Metal Project). Beto Vazquez Infinity instead present their own version of Black Diamond, as already mentioned, the tracks do not differ from the originals, and even this track is no exception, giving due credit to both the song and the Argentine band. In "Distant Skies", Marko Pukkila (feat. Juhani Malmberg, guitarist of Timo Kotipelto) pays homage to Stratovarius with another excellent performance. Actually none of the tracks included in this album are of high level, very polished and the growling sounds in "Distant skies" are very good, aggressive but never excessive.
Power and Melody class in "Eternity" is interpreted by the Italian Dark Horizon band, while Heart Attack feat. Bob Katsionis (Firewind) present "Hold on to your dream".
The title tack "Anthem of the world" is played by Italian keyboardist Andrea Atzori, member of Tales and Legends, and the voice of Swedish Patrik J Selleby, singer of Bloodbound and Shadowquest. Excellent performance by both of them that give the right honour to Stratovarius. Another Italian band, Paradise Heaven Denies this time for "Paradise" and again excellent power metal. Magma Lake, the new Melodic Power Metal project from Chilean drummer Cristian González (Inferis), is the protagonist in the interpretation of "Shine in the dark", one of the many highlights of this album, beautiful interpretation.
"Playing with fire" is performed by the Hungarian musicians Gépmadár feat. Peter Schrott (The Voice of Hungary), while the following "Father Time" is masterfully interpreted by Iliour Griften feat. Mike LePond (Symphony X Mike LePond's Silent Assassins) and the Italian M° Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project, Bruce Dickinson), echo another gem enclosed in this tribute album, excellent harmony, excellent interpretation.
Let's move on to the march of "S.O.S", which with the power metal band from Czech Republic Eaglehearth faithfully takes up the original song giving a good and infernal interpretation. "The Kiss of Judas" by Silent Saga is another good interpretation and the final "Halcyon days" by Sunrise is also very good.
The power metal of the Finnish Stratovarius has influenced many bands and has managed to unite all these musicians to pay a good tribute and make us listen again to songs with a different interpretation, representing rough sounds, melodic lines, inflamed atmospheres...
"Anthem of the world" is a top notch album and so are all the musicians on it.

Valeria Campagnale