Neker - Slower


6/19/20212 min read

Band: Neker
Title: Slower
Genre: southern metal - sludge - doom
Label: Time To Kill Records
Release date: 18 June 2021


1. Nosferatu
2. Like There’s No Tomorrow
3. Too Fierce
4. Another One
5. A Kind Of Pain
6. Something From Nowhere
7. Pretty F***ing Far From Ok
8. The Birth Of Pain
9. Laura Palmer’s Theme
10. The World I’m Writing For
11. Deception Of The Guardian

NEKER: Bass/Vocals
Daniele Alessi: Drums
Alessandro Eusebi: Guitars

"Slower" is the second work for the Italian band Neker, led by the eponymous singer and bassist who, together with guitarist Alessandro Eusebi and drummer Daniele Alessi, offer a sound that ranges from doom to grunge through a lot of sludge and the result is a varied album in which you can listen to angry and more introspective pieces.
Preceded by the singles "Like There's No Tomorrow" and "A Kind of Pain", with which we could guess the direction of the album, Neker give us an aggressive beginning with "Nosferatu", aggressive but not exaggerated, a right balance that manages to convey the combo's spirit. The first single released 'Like There's No Tomorrow', is one of the most interesting tracks as it shows good riffs and an almost growl-like vocal.
The growl singing is in "Another One" is well balanced but overly forced in the track "A Kind Of Pain",  "Too Fierce" and "Something From Nowhere" are good tracks in which we can hear the honesty of rock and roll devotion, as the whole album has a genuine edge in it.
“Pretty F***ing Far From Ok“ is It's gritty enough and certainly another positive point for this album, which although not original, has its merits.
"The Birth Of Pain" is another one of those tracks in which you can stand out with sharp riffs and rather theatrical "Laura Palmer's Theme", Twin Peaks samples included, in this most haunting of tracks, well done.
"The World I Waiting For" has a pure grunge sound while "Deception of The Guardian" contains hints of hardcore making it a real explosive track.
"Slower" is all in all an interesting work, although not highly original I appreciate its authenticity and with good production, definitely worth a listen.

Valeria Campagnale

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