Back to the beginnings of slam legends Internal Bleeding, as Comatose Music unleash revamped demo collection Heritage Of Sickness II


6/28/20213 min read

For thirty years Internal Bleeding have been at the forefront of the underground extreme metal scene. Pioneers in sonic brutality the band are renowned for creating the sound of slam, the ultimate bludgeoning, groove-laden, pit inducing form of death metal. Now, three decades into their skull crushing career, it’s time to revisit the origins of Internal Bleeding and remember where this story once began.

In 2012 Internal Bleeding released a limited edition compilation album that drew together their early ‘90s demos 
Invocation Of Evil and Perpetual Degradation, along with two bonus live tracks and encased them in a blood red cover under the title Heritage Of Sickness. Remastered for maximum impact and featuring devastating tracks like ‘Anointed In Servitude’ and ‘Gutted Human Sacrifice’ this collection became a sought after, essential addition to the collections of slam fans and death metal connoisseurs everywhere.

On the cusp of their fourth decade and still operating at the peak of their powers,  Internal Bleeding are riding high on the wave of critical acclaim afforded to their most recent albums, 
Imperium and Corrupting Influence...

“...a new peak, not just for the band, but the whole sub-genre of slam, displaying a level of dynamics, savagery and sophistication never before heard.”
ANGRY METAL GUY review Imperium

“...striking gold and releasing the band's best album over a quarter of a century after its first rumblings.”
BLABBERMOUTH review Corrupting Influence

Now Comatose Music have decided to revisit the primal sounds of Heritage Of Sickness. With the bonus live tracks replaced by a 2019 recording of the current Internal Bleeding line-up live and raw in Tokyo, Japan and the cover art given a new twist to reflect the passing years, Heritage Of Sickness II will be unleashed on September 3rd.

The demo tracks that formed the very foundations of all slam death brutality sound as insanely savage as ever and Heritage Of Sickness II offers a second chance for all fans of extremity to experience these genre shaping classics.

Get a first taste of Heritage Of Sickness II right now at 
SLAM WORLDWIDE - this is 'Inhuman Suffering'!

See Internal Bleeding live across the States this summer with DeicideKataklysm and Begat the Nephlim!

Aug. 05 — Tampa, Fla. @ The Orpheum
Aug. 06 — Orlando, Fla. @ The Abbey
Aug. 07 — Atlanta, Ga. @ Hell (The Masquerade)
Aug 08 — New Orleans, LA @ Santos Bar**
Aug. 09 — Houston, Texas @ Scout Bar
Aug. 10 — Austin, Texas @ Come and Take it Live
Aug. 11 — Dallas, Texas @ Trees
Aug. 12 — Albuquerque, N.M. @ Sunshine Theater
Aug. 13 — Mesa, Ariz. @ Nile Theater
Aug. 14 — Los Angeles, Calif. @ 1720
Aug. 15 — San Diego, Calif. @ Brick by Brick
Aug. 16 — Sacramento, Calif. @ Holy Diver
Aug. 18 — Grand Junction, Colo. @ Mesa Theater
Aug. 19 — Salt Lake City, Utah @ Metro Music Hall
Aug. 20 — Denver, Colo. @ Marquis Theater
Aug. 21 — Kansas City, Mo. @ The Riot Room
Aug. 22 — Chicago, Ill. @ Reggie’s
Aug. 23 — Detroit, Mich. @ The Sanctuary
Aug. 24 — Pittsburgh, Pa. @ The Crafthouse
Aug. 25 — Clifton, N.J. @ Dingbatz
Aug. 26 — Manchester, N.H. @ Jewel Nightclub
Aug. 27 — Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Brooklyn Monarch
Aug. 28 — Baltimore, Md. @ Baltimore Soundstage
Aug. 29 — Spartanburg, S.C. @ Ground Zero..

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