Hrada, featuring Extol's Peter Espevoll, prepare to release their second single - 'The Girl And The Raconteur'


8/6/20211 min read

Following on from the sublime sounds of their first single, 'Gospel Oak', Hrada have announced the release of their next track, 'The Girl And The Raconteur', on August 20th. 'The Girl And The Raconteur' is another display of deep and powerful song writing, drenched in rich, uplifting harmonies, that demonstrates just what an incredible musical partnership Peter Espevoll and Åsmund Janøy have formed. Together, the Extol vocalist and the noted film maker are weaving songs of remarkable, captivating beauty that stand apart from everything else in the field.

You can find a tantalizing preview of 'The Girl And The Raconteur'.

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..that will have fans counting down the hours until its full release on August 20th, through Mythic Panda Productions on all major digital platforms.

The Hrada story continues and every step along the way is a thrilling adventure in sound and storytelling.

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