Dario Beretta, announced project "Darian and Friends"


7/13/20211 min read

Dario Beretta, guitarist of Drakkar and Crimson Dawn, has announced the creation of a new charity project called “Darian and Friends”. A full-length album is currently being recorded for a release in 2022. All proceedings will go to research against leukemia and related diseases. As the name of the project implies, Dario will be joined by a great international cast of artists who will put their mark on the release, hailing from bands like Sorcerer, Sinner, Sunstorm, Doomocracy, Memory Garden, Witchwood, A Sound of Thunder, and many others. The album will be produced and engineered by Mattia Stancioiu (Elnor Studio) and will feature a mixture of ‘70s hard rock and traditional heavy metal.

More details will be disclosed in the next few months. Follow Darian’s artist page www.facebook.com/darianmetalhead for updates!

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