Mastercastle – New single & videoclip special guest Fabio Lione


7/1/20211 min read

Mastercastle have released the new videoclip and single "Who Cares for The Moon", from their upcoming studio album.

Together with the singer Giorgia Gueglio there is on this track as special guest singer Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Eternal Idol, Angra, Vision Divine etc ...)

The album is actually on mixing phase, and will contain 11 tracks. More information will be officially revealed on

Founded in 2008 by guitarist Pier Gonella (Necrodeath) and vocalist Giorgia Gueglio, the line up is completed by bass player Steve Vawamas and Drummer Alessio Spallarossa. Mastercastle soon became one of the leading forces in the European Power/Neoclassical Metal scene, thanks to an addictive mix of strong riffs, virtuoso guitar solos and captivating female vocals, developed through each of their six, critically acclaimed albums.