Ren Marabou, new video for "Axe In My Back (Loki)"


7/22/20211 min read

Ren Marabou is a multi-instrumentalists rock/metal solo artist who hails from the Emerald Isle of Ireland. he has released 4 albums to date. Most recent album ‘ Way Finder ’ was released on the 1st of March and is available on all major platforms. He has gigged extensively around Ireland, UK and Europe. When playing live, he has a four piece band of seasoned musicians behind him with whom he performs a high energy, intense live show. Riffs, melodies and grooves. Currently he is endorsed by Cassidy Guitars, Skull Strings, and Dirtbag USA. Album number 5 is in the works and there are loads of music videos and behind the scenes studio videos on the way.

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Misanthropic Records

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