Forth aims for summer hit, with follow up single, 'Play with Me'


7/2/20212 min read

Photo: Lassi Hurskainen

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'Play with Me' is the second single to be released from Forth’s upcoming third album. The song is a stylistic departure for the hard-rockers, featuring a more reggae-inspired feel, complete with steel drums and even a saxophone. In it, the band welcomes the listener to throw away the stresses of the world and join them on an island of worry-free bliss. The band has also recorded an alternate version of the song that will be simultaneously released by an international company as part of their radio and TV marketing campaign, beginning in Sweden (details to be separately announced).

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With all the changes in the music industry, it is increasingly difficult for up-and-coming bands to monetize their music. Especially now when gigging – traditionally the best way for a band to market themselves and earn money – is so heavily restricted. By combining a single release with a commercial partnership Forth is exploring an interesting new model for bands to get their music out, expand their audience, and also earn some income on their work.

Formed in 2010, Forth delivers hard rock and grunge with melodic sensibilities. Canadian lead singer/songwriter Brian Forth fronts the band joined by Finnish rockers Tim Norrgrann (lead guitar), Kari Storckovius (drums) and Mikael Söderbäck (bass). Their first album, "Road Stories" debuted in 2014 and brought success with the first single 'Up Up Away' climbing to number 2 on the Finnish iTunes rock charts. The second single, 'Fairytale Princess' lasted a month in the top 5 of YLE Toppen charts. After signing with Secret Entertainment, Forth released sophomore album "Captivity" in March 2019. "Captivity" achieved even more success, winning accolades from critics of the genre all over the world. Three different tracks, went straight to the top of indie charts in Finland, US, Spain and Canada, including #1 for 'Higher Ground' on the UK Radio Indie Alliance (Monie’s New Music chart). "Captivity" put Forth on rotation on YLE radio in Finland ('Let Me In') and also on others in the US, Canada and Spain with different tracks from the album.

Forth single 'Play with Me' will be released on July 1, 2021. It is the second of three singles scheduled ahead of their upcoming third studio album in late summer 2021.