Vincent Crowley – Beyond Acheron

And just as I think the last track I listened to is the best, another one follows that catches my eye, in fact 'Farewell (At Death's Door) is the standout track on this album...


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Band: Vincent Crowley
Title: Beyond Acheron
Genre: Macabre Metal
Label: Odium Records
Release Date: June 2021


Track List:
1. Intro – Beyond Acheron
2. Where No Light Shines
3. My Eternal Vow
4. La Muerte
5. Bring Forth the Dead
6. Masquerade Du Macabre
7. Farewell (At Death’s Door)
8. Outro

Vincent Crowley – Vocals, Bass
Art Taylor – Guitar, Bass

Special guests:
Aaron Werner – keyboards
Ludo “Evil” Lejeune – Intro and Outro creator

Take the best Doom, add some healthy no-frills Rock and add some veins of classic Black-Death, reminiscent of Acheron, and you have "Beyond Acheron", the new concept album by Vincent Crowley who is back in good form with his new musical project.
And so, leaving the Acheron band behind, Mr. Crowley gives us new facets without abandoning macabre themes, which is why we like him.
Figuratively, in this album Vincent Crowley is Acheron, who transports us through this river of pain, the Acheron, with a mature and conscious musicality.
We start with the intro "Beyond Acheron" containing various typical doom sound elements which transports us to the first track "Where No Light Shines", really remarkable both for the catchiness of the riffs and the brilliant solos, and for the intensity of the piece which describes the passage through the river and the coin paid to the one who has the task of ferrying souls in eternity.
We move on to the more melodious "My Eternal Vow" but beware, melodious doesn't mean it's not an effective piece, on the contrary it's very catchy and manages to capture us in its coils and then release us and take us back again, a delightful emotional up and down. As memorable as it is beautiful, the next track, 'My Eternal Vow', is very rock'n'roll, especially in its ending, which reaches its peak with Aaron Werner on keyboards and Vincent snarlingly dealing with a disturbing theme, necrophilia. It's a very convincing track, and if the band's aim was to disturb, they have succeeded.
"La Muerte" is thematically more delicate, the blackberry not seen as the hooded figure who reaps and collects but rather the Mexican version, Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, a dreamlike, dark and picturesque figure who watched over the bones of the dead. A sora of safety? Maybe, so much so that the song is more evocative and melodious and reaches points of light with the guitars, where let me tell you, Art Taylor gives us precious moments.
If until now they hadn't found a particularly strong rhythmic track, here comes 'Bring Forth The Dead', an echo perhaps of Acheron more for its heaviness than its consistency, excellent vocal performance, good rhythm lines that create the right atmosphere for total indolence.
"Masquerade Du Macabre" is another excellent, intriguing track in which the vocal lines and sonic strength stand out in which the vocals and guitar are in symbiosis, "Masquerade Du Macabre" is a track with a creepy, spooky and very emotive atmosphere.
And just as I think the last track I listened to is the best, another one follows that catches my eye, in fact 'Farewell (At Death's Door) is the standout track on this album. First of all there is a narrative part, in this track there is a kind of resignation and between cross and delight, in this powerful track we can say that there is the very essence of Mr. Crowley.
Maybe there are indeed echoes of Acheron, but not in a ubiquitous way, just veins, because in itself "Beyond Acheron" is a totally different album, new verve, a rebirth for Vincent, who shows his creative facets. I don't often think this when listening to records but this time it's one of them: Chapeux!

Valeria Campagnale

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