Monkeys of LaGrande releases 'Star Fences' music video & single


7/5/20211 min read

"Star Fences" is the second single & video extracted from Italian progressive post punk Monkeys of LaGrande. About the song: "Star Fences is a one-day encounter that lasts a lifetime, filled with a sequence of emotions that cannot be described by words. It is a ticking clock in a journey through the stars, beyond all barriers and floating together, towards the next time".

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"Star Fences" it is also available on all digital platforms:

Song guests:
Guitars: Hernan Spalletta
Keys e Synths: Thomson Knoles
Bass: Luk LaGrande
Drums: Danyal Ince

Artwork: kostandin.k
Cover Layout: Tim Buel
Promotion: Hell Music Agency

Monkeys Of LaGrande is an international music project created in 2020 by Luk LaGrande. The project involves a collaboration between artists from all over the world.  Although the instrumental parts of the songs were created and written by Luk LaGrande, all the artists involved were free to play their own styles and include their unique personalities, thus making each track sound special and one of a kind. This way of creating music has been so stimulating and fascinating that Luk decided to keep going along this path, continuing to involve artists from different countries who have the pleasure to join the project, uniting different cultures & playing styles and joining them in one common language - music. 

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