CAEDERE are releasing an exciting new album entitled "Eighty Years' War!"


7/25/20211 min read

Seven years after "The Lost Conveyance" Dutch death metal juggernauts CAEDERE are releasing an exciting new album entitled "Eighty Years' War!"

The lyrical theme of the album is the Dutch war of independence and the religious uproar between 1568 and 1648. Musically it is also a concept album, the last track features a theme which is prevalent in different shapes and sizes in all the other tracks, in a scorching blend of brutal / technical Death metal, interlaced with epic doom passages and haunting black metal riffs.

Gyula Havancsák was responsible for the artwork of this album. He is known for his work for bands such as Accept, Annihilator, Blind Guardian, Destruction, Hour of Penance, and many many more.

Michiel van der Plicht (ex-God Dethroned, Carach Angren, Pestilence) was enlisted to play drums on the album.

Check out their excellent single "Sea Beggars" 

death, metal, Accept, Annihilator, Blind Guardian, Destruction

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Iconoclasm    
2. Inquisition    
3. Council of Blood    
4. The Siege (of Long Breath)
5. War & Sorrow view
6. Sea Beggars
7. Divine Power of Kings
8. The Seven Provinces

The album is limited to 500 copies and is out today, July 23, on Via Nocturna.
You can buy the CD here:

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