WALTARI's Kärtsy Hatakka on the next MAJESTY OF REVIVAL single



6/28/2021 1 min read

Majesty Of Revival has announced a new single featuring Kärtsy Hatakka from Waltari!

the band says: We're really proud to announce this collaboration with famous Finnish singer Kärtsy Hatakka! Kärtsy approach and creativity always inspiring, and Waltari is a huge influence for us, so it was an honor to work with him on our next single!

Majesty of Revival continuing a series of singles that are planned for 2021 before the new album release. The next single "Fool" featuring Kärtsy Hatakka will be released on July 05!

Kärtsy Hatakka_MAJESTY OF REVIVAL_WALTARI_rockers e altri animali_heavy metal

Kärtsy Hatakka - vocalist and bassist, one of the most remarkable faces in Finnish rock history! Waltari was the first Finnish band to start this well-known invasion of Finnish hard rock/metal music into Europe in the early 90s.

Besides Waltari, Kärtsy had a lot of other remarkable musical engagements here and there, including a pioneering soundtrack work for a legendary computer game Max Payne, collaborations with Rhys Fulber, Riku Nuemi and Avanti! Symphony Orchestra, folk music band Angelit; and then NOW as well, as the newest project, he has started a career as a solo artist!

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