Eddie Thespot – New single “19”


6/29/2021 1 min read

The brand new Eddie Thespot instrumental single “19” is now available on all digital platforms.

Videoclip will be released on Friday 2nd July.

An intense and virtuoso 3 minutes track that alternates dissonant moments with melodic shred creating dark atmospheres, as a vivid memory of the past two years, and the typical modern neoclassic sounds that better represents this young guitarist.

Talking about the track, Eddie says: “”19” is a piece that talk about rage and despair. It’s about all the surreal situations we have faced day by day during the global pandemic. Some parts have harsh sounds as they want to describe the tiredness of people and the lack of hope we have to deal with. Even though I’m a positive person and I know that everything around us changes, it’s very hard to accept how many people can’t imagine better days, especially in the entertainment business.” Referring to her previously released single Eddie explained: “Contrary to “The Rising Phoenix”, in “19” there’s no space for hope except for a very dim moment, but after that, the beginning riff blasts away everything.”, a clear parallelism with the various lockdown.

“19” has been composed and produced by Eddie Thespot at his own Asgard Studio in Mantua.

An important contribution on the production has been given by Andy Martongelli from Diablo Studio. On keyboards features Enrico Marchiotto, still present in “The Rising Phoenix”.

Mixed and Master by Alessio Garavello from Rogue Studios in Wembley.
The artwork has been made by Sandra Zucchetto from Zoa Studio.

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