Death Metal band Noutaja releases "Never Meant To Save Us" EP


8/24/20212 min read

Noutaja is a new name on the Finnish metal scene, but you might know the players from such bands as Amoral, Shear, Mönni, Apulanta and Jo Below. The name of their game is old school death metal with a definitive nod to the ’90’s and such proponent of the genre as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death and Sepultura. Noutaja is not a nostalgia act however. The Never Meant to Save Us Ep combines all the band members influences and experiences in original music in to a hard hitting collection of catchy yet brutal death metal songs.

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“Recording our first EP was a pure musical joy. We went into the studio without any grand master plan as to how things would sound. We simply wanted to document a bunch of the songs we had written together. When I heard Juffi and Pekka lay down the drums and bass completely live without any click I had the widest grin on my face. This is gonna be awesome and there’s zero possibility that this could go wrong! The rest of the session was similarly upbeat. The metal just flowed and laying down the vocals was simply the best recording experience I’ve ever had! I’m so happy that you will get to check these songs out!” Masi Hukari / Noutaja

Look for Noutaja: Never Meant To Save Us on August 20th on your preferred streaming service or as a cd and cassette in record stores near you!

Finnish Death Metal band Noutaja has released their debut EP. It's a 5 track mini album packed with honest Death Metal with a traditional 90's twist in it's sound.

Never Meant To Save Us Tracklist:
01. Deicidal Tendencies  
02. Sentimental Vultures  
03. Taller Walls And Stronger Cages  
04. Born Unto Hawthorns  
05. Coils  

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Masi Hukari - Vocals and Guitar 
Pekka Johansson - Bass 
Juhana Karlsson - Drums 
Jonne Lindqvist - Guitar