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Band: Ignited 
Title: Steelbound
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: Voice Music
Release Date: November 01, 2019


01. Ignition
02. Pain
03. Steelbound
04. Living In The Dark
05. Call Me To Run
06. Times
07. Ground Pounding
08. Shining Void
09. Roaring Gears
10. Rotting

Denis Lima – Vocals
Dalton Castro – Guitars
Sama Benedet – Bass
Mauricio Velasco – Drums

Formed in Brazil in 2017, the combo gives us a strong debut that with ten tracks takes us back to the sounds NWOBHM style, the classic Heavy Metal which we will never tire of. Ignited's self released  album "Steelbound" is a strong album of pure energy and the fast rhythm overwhelms us in the opener "Ignition", a full-bodied and rather nostalgic piece for those who lived through the early heavy metal period. If you like headbanging, it's the right track.
Heavier and, equally speedy is "Pain", while the title track 'Steelbound' while being just as heavy as the two opener tracks, is able to lift that extra value that makes it more aggressive, one of the best parts of this album. 
"Living In The Dark" is another highlight, a sound that may remind you of a cocktail of Black Sabbath and Manowar, well scechered and without power metal, because Ignite are heavy metal at heart.
We can tell there are echoes of Maidenian memory in the next track 'Call Me To Run', the classic Steve Harris-style ride, a good heavy piece and if until now Ignite have used us to a purely Heavy Metal sound with English influences, with "Times" they surprise us as the atmosphere softens revealing a different side both in the vocals and in the guitars, always good as always. "Ground Pounding" is purely Hard Rock, rough, crude and good played.
"Shining Void" which seems to take us into a power ballad atmosphere, without ever actually doing so, and "Roaring Gears" are very reminiscent of Judas Priest.
The grand finale is entrusted to what remains the fastest and heaviest track on the record, 'Roaring Gears'. Hammering rhythm, in the true sense of the word, melodic chorus and furious guitars.
The debut album "Steelbound" deals with different subjects and experiences that are brought to the listener through metaphors offering strong and catchy melodies with an old school sound and a modern approach. From Brazil with NWOBHM in their veins, Ignited are successful ones!

Valeria Campagnale

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