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3/10/20222 min read

The album “EVE” by Omega is an amazing journey through Atmospheric Black, Doom and Dark Ambient Metal.

The band was formed in 2012 by some members of already active bands like Hanging Garden, Nostalgie, Deadly Carnage, Ashes of Chaos.

To be honest I’m not a great fan of black/doom metal, I haven’t heard a lot of these groups in my life, perhaps my personal exceptions are the old OPETH and ALCEST. My first impression about EVE is about the technique of every musician and the production.

The first song ARBOREIS is a good entry for beginning this musical journey I want to emphasize the job of the drummer Marco Ceccarelli, not only in this song I want to express my admiration in the whole album, the voice of AlexiosCiancio breaks the parameters and gives a plus to the song while Mike Crinella (Guitars, Synths, Samples) and Fabio Arcangeli (Bass) make a great support.

The next song SIDERA reminds me a little the intros from the old OPETH in BLACKWATER PARK, again I want to take my hat off to Marco, definitely his work at 2:55 is outstanding! Probably it’s my favourite song of the album I how the ideas evolve and the riffs are assassins!

MATER is the Third song it’s the quietest song of the album but it doesn’t mean less marvelous, It has great passages Mike Crinella and Fabio Arcangeli are disguised of Tommy Iommi and Geezer Butler, the voice of Alexios emerges and gives a new dynamic to the song. I don’t know but definitely this track reminds me the album Born Again by Black Sabbath. Dark and precious.

The final song is LAUDANUM, sadly, but this track is a great ending for an amazing journey. It began with powerful black metal riffs which are merged with acoustic passages while elapses the song, if you wanna know what I say check 9:09. The final samples are perfect to finish the album. The production of the album is well done.

Definitely this band is a “well-oiled machine”

Last but not least. The concept of "Eve" is based on a personal vision of the Voynich manuscript, considered the most mysterious book in the world, probably written between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The manuscript is divided into four chapters (Botany, Astronomy, Biology, Medicine), each of the traces of "Eve" is dedicated to one of these chapters and the artwork is a re-examination of the manuscript illustrations.

In short, I can say:My interest in this genre of metal grew when I heard this album. For the band it’s a good beginning and I hope listen more about their music soon.

OMEGA Line Up:

AlexiosCiancio - Vocals

Mike Crinella - Guitars, Synths, Samples

Fabio Arcangeli - Bass

Marco Ceccarelli– Drums

LABEL: Dusktone

Alex Montenegro