Dianadea, the new video for ALZA CARONTE

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10/6/20211 min read

Today, 6 October, Dianadea presents the new video for the song "ALZA CARONTE", the eternal chase of death and life, the meeting of Hekate and Demeter, the Gateway to the Underworld, Hades kidnaps Kore. Because it is all about a door...

ALZA CARONTE is the story of the demolition of the temple of Mephitis in honour of a woman named Felicita. Ancient memory of this connection could be the custom of the population to say ALZA CARONTE at the Mephitis and throw a pebble.

Dianadea comments: "In my way I remember how such a place, where the Erinni threw herself 'purifying earth and sky' could also be a location for another wonderful myth. Hades and Kore, or the place where Hekate informs Demeter that she 'heard screaming'."

Dianadea, ALZA CARONTE,rockersandotheranimals,,darkambientmusic,doom,folk,mefite

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1 Gates of Hell
1 Porta Inferi
2 Alza Caronte
3 Diavoli e Tesori
4 Mefitis
5 Mortiferi
6 Oscura Mefite

Artwork: Simona Arian Cordara

Special guest: Laverna in "Porta Inferi".
Music and lyrics Lord Yshua
Lyrics "Oscura Mefite" Antonella Della Morte

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Dianadea, ALZA CARONTE,rockersandotheranimals,,darkambientmusic,doom,folk,mefite