GHOSTS OF SUNSET release their new single 'Look Me Up (If You Come Down)', out now on Golden Robot Records

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11/1/20212 min read

After coming to our attention in 2020, GHOSTS OF SUNSET are really establishing themselves as a major player in the hard rock scene. The band have clocked up several hundred thousand streams and now release their new single ‘Look Me Up (If You Come Down)’ via Golden Robot Records, available on all digital platforms.

‘Look Me Up (If You Come Down)’ is the follow up to the recent single and video ‘If You’re Not Coming Back’, and it further confirms GHOST OF SUNSET’s status as a breakout band in the hard rock scene.

With punchy guitars and toe-tapping drums, Ghosts of Sunset’s catchy new single ‘Look Me Up (If You Come Down)’ explores how the city can make or break anyone who dares take their chances on its streets. Every day finds someone new taking their first steps down the sidewalk, ending up in the highest of places, never realising that the cost of climb is everything you ever were.

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February 2021 saw the release of their debut EP Headed West, to strong fan and critical acclaim, and followed this up with the release of charity single ‘All I Wanna Do Is Rock’, with proceeds going to Save Our Stages. In June, they released their latest single - the Sunset-Strip soaked ‘No Saints In The City’. GHOSTS OF SUNSET are keeping alive one of the brightest scenes in musical history, and they continue to produce amazing nostalgia-driven tunes.

GHOSTS OF SUNSET release their new single 'Look Me Up (If You Come Down)', out now on Golden Robot R

Ghosts  of Sunset is the project of singer-songwriter John Merchant from Western Michigan and singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Todd Long. 

Their debut EP Headed West, released in February 2021,  features the work of both Merchant and Long (who have made music for 30+ years for 615 Records Nashville, IDOL/RCA records, and independently) as well as a cast of musicians with their roots in the 1980’s hard rock/hair metal scene. The duo brought in outside musicians with resumes that include L.A. Guns, RATT, Enuff Znuff, KIX, Lita Ford and more to complete the EP. Renowned producer Adam Hamilton  (Missing Persons, L.A. Guns, Vains of Jenna, William Shatner, David Hasselhoff) was brought in to mix and contribute keyboards.

The concept takes a fictional mid-western band and traces their move to Los Angeles, their rise to national touring artist and their decline as tastes and the industry itself changes. The story, which has become common fodder for shows such as Behind the Music, spoke to both Merchant and Long who came of age during the golden era, now known as “hair metal”. A term speaks to what many saw as a focus on style over substance.

The EP, released globally by Golden Robot Records, presents the songs in chronological order, with the listener not only takes the journey via the lyrics, but also in the production style and writing maturation process. As the six song EP moves along, the tone darkens, the themes reflect the bands disillusionment before ultimately circling back to making music for the “love of the game”.

GHOSTS OF SUNSET release their new single 'Look Me Up (If You Come Down)', out now on Golden Robot R