Recensione a cura di Alex Montenegro



3/10/20222 min read

1. Akeldama (fields of blood)

2. Black wizard

3. B.A.T.S.

4. Nightslashers

5. Burning angels

6. Dying is the name of the game

7. Nightmare returns

8. Return of the living dead

9. Another song of Vincent Price

10. Bone collector's song

Scarecrow is a band from Hyvinkää - Finland that plays horrorpunk with metal and hardcore influences. It is a solo project of SCARECROW's frontman Jack13. NIGHTMARE RETURNS is an album which refresh the sound of the word "Horror" mixed with punk rock. The first thing I would like to say about this album is: This is not another tipycal horror punk album. Through the whole album you will listen a musical journey, a coherent album which shows a great history in every song. An album which great and amazing melodies mixed with great rythms. So, let me begin. The first song "Akeldama (Fields of blood)" reminds me a mix between THE MISFITS with JUDAS PRIEST. Really amazing!!! The next songs "Black wizard", "B.A.T.S." and "Nightslashers" are very amazing. I heard influences from THE MISFITS in the album FAMOUS MONSTERS or NUCLEAR ASSAULT in GAME OVER. Even I can hear a little tribute very well worked with engaging riffs inspired by MOTORHEAD in the song "Nightslashers". Excellent!!!

"Burning Angels" works like an intermediate in the album, a little slow but powerful, I could notice how BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST influenced this song. MASTERPIECE!!!

"Dying is the name of a game" continues with a slow tempo, but the arrangements with keyboards are brilliant, the song is a real hymn for Horror punk movement. "Nightmare returns" and "Return of the living dead" are powerful songs that recover the speed of the album. I like the choruses inspired by ACCEPT and how the songs play with a little bit of prog rock. Probably, there are the best tracks of the album, in my opinion.

"Another song of Vincent Price" is another great song, it reminds me one of my favourite songs from RAMONES "She talks the rainbows", the dark tune and that bittersweet sound made it another good track of the album.

Last but not least, we will find "Bone collector's song", a song written in a symphonic way, sometimes the song reminds me masterpieces like Roundabout by YES or The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis it's a nice and interesting way to finish the album. In summary, the album is very well done, the mix of genres is very well done, and it showed us that there are many bands which are not clones of bands like MISFITS. I enjoy hearing this album. If you want to begin in the HORROR ROCK- METAL world, definitely this album will help you to open the door at this genre. I have nothing more to say, simply, this album has grazed the perfection.

Alex Montenegro