Upcoming release of Anton Johansson's star filled Nevertold Stories

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9/27/20211 min read

Eight years after the internationally acclaimed Galahad Suite, Anton Johansson is back with his second solo release, Nevertold Stories.

A track-packed release with songs spanning 40 years of creating music and lyrics, with a variety of musicians. Many of these tracks never made the cut for Galahad Suite or the two albums with his previous band Mister Kite, but they have stayed in Anton’s head all these years, for a possible release at the right time — that time is now!

So, 19 tracks of metal, hard rock and power ballads. Sad songs, happy songs and complicated songs. Funny lyrics, serious lyrics and storytelling lyrics.

”These are songs that I like myself and since I am quite an ordinary guy, there’s probably someone else out there who might like them as well. I feel that it sure would be a shame if they stayed forgotten in a drawer somewhere.”

”Some of the songs were stuck in the back of my head, more or less intact and some needed expert musical guidance and understanding to be recreated in a more modern way. So, thank God, once again, for my good friend Linus Abrahamson, without whom this would never have happened.” (”No, Anton, there is no musical term called fluffier!!!”)

The Nevertold Stories band
Linus Abrahamson - Guitars & bass, additional keyboards
Joakim Strandberg Nilsson - Drums
Erik Källner - Keyboards
Alf Wemmenlind - Vocals

Special guest soloists
Vanya Merc, Lef Germenlis, Brian Larkin, Jonathan Jesu Mehler, Gustav Bjarnason, Johan Reinholdz, Robert Ahrling, Magnus Norling, Patrik Gardberg, Magnus Karlsson, Mattias IA Eklundh, Lalle Larsson, Lars Eric Mattsson, Magnus Kristensson

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