Oumua - Glass Splinters

Oumua - Glass Splinters


11/9/20211 min read

Band: Oumua
Title: Glass Splinters
Genre: Heavy Rock / Heavy Metal / Post Grunge
Release date: 16th May 2021


1.Pulling Inward
2.Surface Reality
4.Minor Claws

Polish band Oumua, formed around 20 years ago under the moniker Middle Finger, released their four-track EP 'Glass Splinters' in May, following on from their previous release 'Mutual Outbreak' in 2004.
Oumua's music is a mixture of grungy rock songs with hardcore, metal and other heavy metal influences that show the various facets of the band but that perhaps rather than amalgamating the work, confuse it by not finding the right balance.
"Glass Splinters" contains some good ideas, like the opener "Pulling Inward", which has a southern rock flavour bordering on grunge with a melancholic melody typical of the 90s.
"Surface Reality" follows the same footprint and continues in the melancholy between a good bass and a voice that alternates between melodic and aggressive, melodious even the guitar that leads into more sustained riffs, nice song.
In the third track, "Salvation", we find a much more heavy metal sound with good drums, vocals between clean and growl, and the permanent reference to grunge; this is the
most confused track of the four.
"Minor Claws" again, picks up on the opening tracks in its intro and then flows into the extreme metal that manages to shake up the whole EP.
In general, it is an appreciable work, Oumua should find a more homogeneous line in my opinion with more definite ideas on the style.

Valeria Campagnale

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