Betrayme - Nihil Obstrat

Betrayme - Nihil Obstrat


10/27/20211 min read

Band: Betrayme
Title: Nihil Obstrat
Genre: Death Metal, Brutal Metal
Label: Lethal Scissor
Release date: 1 October 2021


Azog BM – Voice
Adib Flores – Guitar
Santiago Cabrio – Drums

1. Waltz To The Death
2. Deadfall
3. Exile
4. Ironic Blasphemy
5. Northwest
6. Aeon Mistakes

Original dark and obsessionally haunting piano opening of 'Waltz To The Death', melancholically obsessive and halfway between intro and song, takes us to the technical black death of 'Deadfall'. 'Ironic Blasphemy' is also no different from its predecessors, still brutal and haunting and well played. "Northwest", on the other hand, is the standout track in the sense that it differs from the other tracks and shows a personal side, the style of this trio that much darker and more intense doom directed black metal. "'Aeon Mistakes' is the right crushing angry ending.
Good as brilliant as the shadowy guitar of Adib Flores, excellent rhythm of the obsessive drums of Santiago Cabrio and also a good vocalisation of Azog BM; all in all it is good work, admittedly with the flaws we can find in any debut full of substance and ideas but with poor production. With better means, Betrayme would have presented a great debut, but I'm sure we'll hear about this trio again and I'm sure with a more carefully produced album.

Valeria Campagnale

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