Painters of Ether - Painters of Ether

Painters of Ether - Painters of Ether


10/14/20212 min read

Band: Painters of Ether
Title: Painters of Ether
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release date: 29th October 2021


Defenders of Lorenia
Silent Sinners
Demon Hunter
Elders of Serion
The Dancing Butterfly
The land beyond time
The Young Pharisee and the apprentice

"Painters of Ether" is a symphonic metal album written by Luciano Launius, an Italian-American musician and guitarist who has involved important national and international musicians in this project. The album, consisting of eight tracks, has different styles without departing from the metal canons and to define it simply as 'symphonic' is quite reductive.
"Defenders of Lorenia', the album's opening track, features numerous artists, such as Henning Basse on vocals, and actors Filippo Guglielmo, Mirko Severin, Valentina Toninello, Carolina dalla Villa Silva, Sam Boggi and Giacomo Voli on backing vocals. The song is about a planet called Lorenia, which is threatened by horrendous music, and it does so with a strong, clear-cut sound impact, including good guitar riffs and melodious refrains.
"Euterpe", the muse of sung poetry, is an energetic and at the same time melodic and catchy song in which we can hear the voice of the duo composed by the soprano Silvia Violet Balbo and Fabio Dessi.
"Silent Sinners" is a dark track, echoing the 70's thanks to the guitar riff, obviously there is no lack of orchestrated parts and yet it is the track that differs the most from the rest of the album and in my opinion it is the best track, creating an emotional and deeper impact that differs from the melodic harmony that makes up this work, without of course taking away the merit of an album that deserves due respect for its musicality and professionalism. In 'Silent Sinners' the main vocal part was recorded entirely by Giacomo Voli.
Enrico Marchiotto's excellent keyboards in "Demon Hunter" enhance the parts of this song in which there is no lack of good riffs that give the positive charge and obviously
the right melodic balance.
Another interesting song is "The Young Pharisee" whose structure is elaborate and with a sound that harks back to the 80s, between heavy metal and hard rock. The song has a special guest as Michele Luppi on vocals. The lyrical part is varied in its appearance between intense and gritty moments and lighter ones, with an impressive final guitar solo by Andy Martongelli. Powerful and catchy, it's a song that shines with its own light, just like the already mentioned "Silent Sinners".
"Elders of Serion" features Sergio Schafausen on bass, and it's the decisive and full-bodied bass line that is the strong point of this track, which together with the guitar and the melodic instrumental parts creates the right incisive aura of the song.
Chiara Tricarico interprets "The Dancing Butterfly", another incisive track that demonstrates both the originality of the album and the concreteness of this project.
"The Land Beyond Time" features guests as Mike Terrana on drums, Mike Lepond on bass and Giambattista Manenti on vocals. Excellent closing, melody, the same that characterises the entire album, and firm temperament make this track an almost epic close.
Luciano Launius has brought together talented heavy and non-heavy names to create his symphonic-sounding creation with its sharp guitar. It is worth more than a few listens to appreciate every aspect of it.

Valeria Campagnale

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