The Works of Edgar Allen Poe Meet Extreme Metal Vocalist Winner on ‘Plvguehvmmer’s Single ‘Two Lives’

hard rock, heavy metal, Death Metal

8/31/2021 1 min read

Plvguehvmmer goes larger than life on their single Two Lives, an exercise in metal sure to rock the space as well as anyone listening to it within a five-mile radius. The single is one of three on the band’s EP Edgar Allen Wilde, named for the poets whose writing makes up the lyrics on the track.
The track continues the band’s signature experimental, unapologetically heavy style that sees instrumentalist 
Niilo Smith shreds off behind Juan G.’s other(nether)worldly vocals. The pair met when Niilo approached Juan having seen win the Enterprise Earth & Extreme Vocal Institute’s Foundation of Bones Vocal Cover Contest. Between contrasting metal core melodic riffs and death metal growls, Rolling Stone India celebrated Wesley Berger, assists production to round together a single that wails, runs, screams and everything in between.
Ever the creative, Plvguehvmmer is only one avenue of Smith’s work that also encompasses aspects of written and performative art. Having penned short stories and poems while pursuing music across Norway, LA, Europe, and Denver, Smith’s affinity for writers of yore heavily inspired the project. All lyrics on the EP reimagine the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Oscar Wilde, as you have never heard them before.

Poe Meet Extreme Metal, Winner, ‘Plvguehvmmer’s Single ‘Two Lives