Save Your Soul IPA - Legendary singer Jesper Binzer releases his own beer with Swedish brewery


9/13/20212 min read

On November 1, the legendary singer Jesper Binzer releases his own beer brewed at Brygghus 19 in Karlshamn.

The beer, which is an IPA, has been produced in collaboration with Jesper Binzer, Dan-Magnus staff at Brygghus 19, the musician Jesper Lindgren from Velvet Insane and the Swedish beer profile Robert Andersson.

Jesper Binzer has a long career in the music world and has been a singer in it since 1982 legendary band D-A-D (Disneyland After Dark).

"I said if we were going to make a beer with my name, it would be my first love - my first step into the Craft beer universe: a crisp classic West coast IPA. The gateway to all the amazing beer that exists now - then we can get the people with us into sour sours and black psychedelia beer afterwards…
But now we start the journey into craft beer with my first love - the IPA !! ”
- Jesper Binzer

“I asked Jesper Lindgren, who has done a music project with Binzer, if we should make a beer together with Binzer. An hour later, Binzer replied that he wanted to join. I have
listened to D-A-D since early teens, so it feels both fantastically fun and unreal to get create a beer together with one of my great idols. ”
- Robert Andersson

“The beer we are now launching is a hop-driven hazy west coast IPA. So a beer style that was brewed on US West Coast early in the craft bear wave. Save Your Soul is created with both classics and modern hops.
To be able to do this together with Jesper Binzer and the rest of the gang is a great honor. In other words, to come to the fore as a brewery at all, I see as a receipt for all our work with improvements and quality. Really really fun! ”
- Dan-Magnus Svensson

For those who can not stick to November 1, we can reveal that Save Your Soul IPA has a sneak premiere at Växjö Beer Festival on October 2 and sales start on November 1
Systembolaget but will be available for Swedish restaurants and the Danish market already in October.

Save Your Soul IPA - Legendary singer Jesper Binzer releases his own beer with Swedish brewery

Jesper Lindgren

Robert Andersson

Jesper Binzer