Withered Land – The Endless Journey


10/20/20211 min read

Band: Withered Land
Title: The Endless Journey
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Naturmacht Productions
Release Date: 10 September 2021


Through The Misty Mountains
Wraiths Surround Us All
Mournful Story Never Ends
Over Distant Shores
Death Was Always Near

Olga Kann - all music, arrangements, lyrics, keys, bass
Alexander Rabets - vocals
Koliopanos Filippos - guitars

“The Endless Journey”, five-track mini CD by Belarus Withered Land, a project involving Belarus and Greece and side-project of Bleeding Malice, "The endless Journey" tells the story of a warrior’s initiation into battle, longing for home, and returning from death. Alexander Rabets provides a vocal narrative that is harsh and despairing and yet at times full of hope. We are therefore in front of an epic atmospheric black metal context, where the melodic parts are placed side by side to the powerful growl.
Each of the five tracks has an epic feeling since the first track "Through The Misty Mountains" prepares us for what lies ahead, which is a darkness that introduces us to the heart of the battle; in fact, in "Wraiths Surround Us All" we find ourselves enveloped in an epic intensity and then divert into the dark acoustic of "Mournful Story Never Ends" which sinks us into a very intense and heartfelt black metal. "Over Distant Shores" is another interesting track in which the synth plays a fundamental and never invasive role. This album is impressive between black symphonies, Alexander's brutal and harsh voice and guitar work, weaving a really awesome musical carpet.
"The Endless Journey" closes in an acoustic and melancholic way, with "Death Was Always Near", emotional while, a final track that sums up the epicness of this project.
A beautiful album, with orchestral parts interacting with brutal parts, in a succession of emotionally different moments between extroversion and more intimate moments, makes the structure of this album really very interesting for the balance on which it is based; to immerse yourself completely and leave the world outside, so full of magic, it could be used as a soundtrack for a fantasy film, gloomy of course.

Valeria Campagnale

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