Pyramid - Interview with Lance Sawyer


11/9/20214 min read

Lance Sawyer, bassist of the band Pyramid is a guest in this interview where he talks about the band's news and the upcoming album 'Validity', due for release on 10th December.
Pyramid is an American progressive metal collaboration featuring iconic members. Vocalist and Musicians known worldwide formed by songwriter and bassist Lance Sawyer in 2017.
Currently the project is working already for the next album, scheduled for 2022. The lyrics will be handled by Tim Ripper Owens, Andry Lagiou.
The current line up includes “guests vocalist“ Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, vocalist Andry Lagiou, guitarist Adam Bentley, guitarist Gabe Pietrzak, guitarist Mike Abdow, keyboardist Joey Izzo, drummer James Knoerl, violinist Perrine Missemer, bassist songwriter Lance Sawyer.

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Hello Lance and welcome to Rockers And Other Animals.
Before we start talking about your new work 'Validity', would you tell us how the Pyramid project came about?

I decided to put Pyramid together in 2017.. I have always loved creating and writing music from a very young age. Played in several different projects for many years playing smaller venues but definitely a lot of fun. I have been involved with the music community for sometimes. So it just made sense to put Pyramid into action and I had some really cool session players who were on board to do so.

'Validity' If you had to choose three adjectives, how would you define the essence of Pyramid as project?

Pyramid is different then anything else as far as a project and music is concerned. Each musician and vocalist had the creative freedom to play and create what they each felt from their hearts.. It was nice to work individually with each musician and vocalist one by one on a personal level. We all have the comforts of creating and writing music from our own home personal studios. The file sharing with MP3 and WAVs makes this process very easy to work with for everyone involved.

Pyramid has a really interesting line-up, starting with Tim Owens, how did you manage to assemble such a great group?

During the pandemic a lot of musicians and vocalist had a lot of free time on their hands. I reached out to Ripper by email. He started with one song then two songs to three songs until the whole Pyramid Validity album was complete vocally.. We even worked on a whole other album to be released after this one lol. 2022
Ripper fit Pyramid like a glove and he in my personal opinion was able to use a wide variety of different voices in the songs. Pyramid is very prog Metal with a lot of different time signature changes and moods

The first single, 'Stigma', feat. Tim "Ripper" Owens and The Harps' vocalist Andry Lagiou, is a good foretaste of this album, what can you tell us in advance?

Pyramid is Prog Metallers paradise.. The songs take the listener on a musical journey. To understand you would really have to listen to all the songs. None of the songs are the same and it’s very unique to hear. The music has a lot variations and styles combined.

What will this new work be like?

It will be absolutely mind blowing.. If you were to describe it. It’s like Rush , Iron Maiden and Dream Theater had a baby..

Pyramid already has two albums under its belt, 'Amnesty' and 'Gold Tooth', with the new album has anything changed in the approach or composition, or is there a general line you follow in the composition, so that each album is homogeneous with the other?

The creative and writing process has stayed the same. It all starts with bass , to drums, to guitars, to keyboards, to vocals and now for Validity the final touches the violin which added such beauty to the darkness. Wait until you all hear this. Amazing all I can say.

Every musician involved in this project was carefully chosen, I guess, what was the reason for that choice?

Absolutely.. I took my time to piece together the write musicians and vocalist .. Pyramid is a very well thought out collaboration of some the best musicians and vocalist to date in my opinion.

How did you work together on the album?

We all worked independently in our home studios. Shared files until everything is perfect with each member. Adam Bentley is a world class mixing engineer in Nashville who has mixed everything up to date in Pyramid. He also did a lot of guitars to all three albums.

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I can hear a lot of influences in your music, especially Classic Metal mixed with Progressive roots, of course. What are your main sources of inspiration?

Rush, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Dio, Savatage, Queensryche

The pyramid as a constant effigy in both your artworks and videos, what does it represent for you as a symbol, more an esoteric symbol including the omniscient eye or the form of perfection itself?

The pyramid stands for equality, as all the three sides of a pyramid are equal.

Is there a premiere or some other special event planned for the release of 'Validity'?

Just worldwide distribution through the label… We have done cool videos out and the word has been spreading around the music community.

Where will the new album be available for purchase?

You will be able to purchase it everywhere both physical and digital platforms.

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