Bombus, new track "So Dumb"

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9/3/20211 min read

After the ingenious guys from BOMBUS recently released an incredible punk-metal anthem with “Abomination Rock’n’Roll”, it’s time to announce the next hammer!

 "So Dumb" stomps into every metal heart with a merciless force and makes you look forward to a reunion in the mosh pit! The track is now up on all major streaming platforms and can be listened HERE!

Master of rhymes and riffs, Feffe finds the following words: “’So Dumb’ is a pretty straight forward heavy song with a pounding Motown-beat and lyrics we all can grasp. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!  So let the second mouse get the cheese! Enjoy!”

The band is currently working on their 2019’s follow “Vulture Culture”! Stay tuned for more news to come soon!

Feffe - Guitar/Vocals
Peter - Drums
Simon - Guitar
Johan - Guitar/Vocals
Ola - Bass

BOMBUS online: