White Thunder - Maximum The Journey Of a Billion Years


10/19/20212 min read

Band: White Thunder
Title: Maximum - A Journey of a Billion Years
Gener: Progressive Metal
Released date 25 June 2021


1. Timeless Despise
2. Orbit
3. Trial
4. Mainmast (Craving Silence)
5. Everlasting Sight
6. Dream – Like Surface
7. Wait For The Sun
8. Maximum
9. Kùma
10. Away From The Sun (H.T.C.B.H.)

Jacopo - guitar
Mattia Fagiolo - vocals, guitar
Alessandro De Falco - guitar
Davide Fabrizio - drums
Simone Ndiaye - bass

White Thunder released the concept album "Maximum - A Journey of a Billion Years" in June, the concept of this album is about a person's desire to create their own reality. "Maximum - A Journey of a Billion Years" it's a high-impact, clear-sounding, well-produced piece of prog metal that is very convincing. Ten imaginative and well-played tracks that start with the opening track "Timeless Despise" that gives old school Black Metal in its opening, then varying with sounds and continuing in a different way, and as for the following "Orbit" and "Trial", they are a triptych that differs from the rest of the album; between vocal outbursts, high guitar chords and vehemence. Although the band is influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, "Maximum - A Journey of a Billion Years" has a very personal touch, rather rare in these times, which shows the personality and professionalism of these musicians.
"Mainmast" has a very interesting rhythmic line between bass and drums that creates a pleasant cadenced harmony, the intro of the song is opened by a melodic riff that develops once the song takes off, with echoes of Symphony X. One thing I like about this album are the intros to each track, a musical introduction to a journey that is always surprising; this piece is good 'test' in general for the whole band, good song with old school mood.
We leave the softer atmospheres to head towards the death metal of "Everlasting Sight", a decidedly more aggressive and powerful track, while "Wait For The Sun" shows its more romantic side, a semi-ballad with progressive tones, such an elegant song. The penultimate track, "Maximum", once again confirms the originality of the compositions, diversified and highly, it's another piece that deserves attention.
The final "Away For The Sun" is a progressive track in which the rhythmic changes throughout the composition stand out.
A good album, honest and well interpreted in which both the vocal skills of Mattia Fagiolo and the sharp guitars of Alessandro De Falco and Jacopo Fagiolo stand out. Special mention for the rhythmic duo Davide Fabrizio on drums and Simone Ndiaye on bass, really brilliant, without taking away the due compliments to the whole band that with a debut album of this calibre, they deserve due attention and to come out of the Italian underground.

Valeria Campagnale

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