Grin In Fear - Legion

"Nocturnal Panic", which with its melodic progression creates a good pathos at an emotional level...


8/28/20212 min read

Band: Grin In Fear
Title: Legion
Genre:: Death Metal
Release Date: 2021
Label: Heathen Tribes Records


Sara Mei - voice
Ambra Deagostini - guitar
Eros Melis - guitar, voice
Maristella Spanu - bass
Marco Scafidi - drum

1. Mk 5,1-9
2. Legion
3. Put Your Mask On
4. Be Your God
5. A Secret Family
6. Brainwashed
7. Nocturnal Panic

Grin in Fear is born between 2017 and 2018, from the meeting of musicians returning to Sardinia from their experiences around the world, in 2019 the band releases the single "Put Your Mask On" (demo version), which receives positive opinions. After a lineup change, in 2020, the band signs a collaboration with the German label Heathen Tribes Records and in July 2021 the debut album "Legion" is released. The album is based on classic Nordic melodic death thrash metal, especially in the more aggressive moments, with tracks that feature good melodic metal and thrash seemingly in balance with each other, creating a death metal full of influences but also with a very personal imprint. With a better production, this album could have an edge but it's still interesting, finishing touches aside. The songwriting is good and emotional throughout the whole album. Of the seven tracks included in "Legion", the title track, "Be Your God" stands out without a doubt, and is in itself an interesting piece of music with good tempo changes. "Put Your Mask On" is another track that captures the listener, as well as "Nocturnal Panic", which with its melodic progression creates a good pathos at an emotional level. The tracks "Nocturnal Panic" and "A Secret Family" are the most engaging and not for nothing they were chosen as the first extracts to anticipate "Legion".
We can define "Legion" as a kind of concept album as the band deals with a sort of journey into the mind and consciousness, in balance with each other revealing the abyss of madness inherent in all of us that we can hide with a mask.
Although I'm not a fan of female vocals in general and, alas, particularly in metal, I have to say that Sara Mei's voice is really good, managing to create an excellent feeling that manages to touch, reaching good levels and, I would add, standing out from many of her colleagues. 
The guitar work is also good, a harmony between Ambra Deagostini and Eros Melis which we can also hear as a second voice but in my personal opinion, the one who stands out among them all is the drummer Marco Scafidi who manages to create not only a rhythmic texture, but also an indispensable presence for the album's entire backbone.
I repeat, "Legion" is in itself a good product in terms of personal conception of a genre that is close to what can be an album by At The Gates or The Haunted, and it's a pity that the production dampens the tones a bit, making the whole thing a bit vintage and undertone. Otherwise, as in some cases, Italian bands can hold their own compared to foreign ones.

Valeria Campagnale