DIANADEA signs with Rockers And Other Animals Press Office


9/7/20211 min read

Rockers And Other Animals is pleased to announce the collaboration with Marco Lord Mainiero for Dianadea's project for the forthcoming release of "PORTA INFERI", a work entirely based on the indigenous figure of the goddess Mephitis, scheduled for late October 2021.

PORTA INFERI (teaser of new album of Dianadea)


This first teaser introduces the new Dianadea concept, referring to the goddess Mephitis. It does so starting from Virgil and his verses describing the valley of Ansanto.... The album will move through the figure of the goddess, local tales and historical elaborations.

Est locus Italiae medio sub montibus altis, nobilis et fama multis memoratus in oris, Amsancti valles; densis hunc frondibus atrum 565 urget utrimque latus nemoris, medioque fragosus dat sonitum saxis et torto vertice torrens. hic specus horrendum et saevi spiracula Ditis monstrantur, ruptoque ingens Acheronte vorago pestiferas aperit fauces, quis condita Erinys, 570 invisum numen, terras caelumque levabat"... "There is a place in the middle of Italy under high mountains, noble and celebrated for fame in many quarters, the valley of Ansanto: This place is enclosed on both sides by blackish wooded slopes, and in the middle a thunderous torrent rattles the stones and the winding whirlpool. Here a horrible cavern and the gaping holes of the implacable Gods are shown, and from the torn Acheron (Avernus) a great chasm opens the pestiferous jaws; here the hateful deity of the cruel and frightful Erinyes threw himself and disappeared from the earth and sky".