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10/17/20212 min read

Musician: Michael Kratz
Title: Tafkatno
Genre: AOR - West Coast
Label: Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group
Release date: 24 September 2021


01. Too Close To The Edge
02. The Highway
03. A Way To The Future
04. Without Your Love
05. You're The One
06. Let's Do Something Good
07. Someday
08. Everlasting Love
09. 10 minutes (00.37 / 00.47)
10. How Can A Man
11. Broken Souls (Bonus Track)

Michael Kratz: Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Kasper Viinberg: Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Drums

We got to know Michael Kratz with the beautiful and previous solo album "Live Your Life", which was followed by "Live Your Live", he returns in style with the album "Tafkatno", released in September by Burning Minds / Art of Melody. "Tafkatno" includes an extensive list of special guests such as Christian Warburg (Paul Young), Bruce Gaitsch (Peter Cetera-Chicago-Elton John), and Janey Clewer (Michael Bolton), just to name a few.
Elegant album with soft and relaxed tones like the opening track "Too Close To The Edge" with a musicality more outlined towards a dark atmosphere, a decisive and well calibrated voice, a very catchy chorus and a very technical solo, this song outlines the atmosphere that we will find inside the album that, like "Live Your Life" gives us some real pearls in the West Coast area.
More AOR tones for the following "The Highway" with guitars more inclined to hard rock, warm voice and an enveloping sound between clean and driving riffs. I love it!
More relaxed is the song "A Way To The Future" which manages in its own way to involve thanks to the vocals and the smoother atmospheres, harmonies and the very good solo.
Remarkable acoustic guitar in the ballad "Without Your Love", great bass line for a velvety, classic and soft song, with little prog hints, the classic line doesn't deviate much with "You're The One", another well refined track, with the addition of piano notes and a captivating melody, as well as the ballad "Let's Do Something Good" with an incisive choral section. The listening continues with another song with soft, slow tones in 'Someday', which continues like the previous ones in a weave of choruses and harmonies.
"Everlasting Lies" is more my cup of tea because it has a compact rock attitude, even if it never crosses the 'line' because it's a grown-up rock with soft lines, but it's well balanced by the fantastic guitar solo.
Michael returns to the softness in "10 Minutes" where the guitar is perhaps more suffused and the voice is very harmonious, while in "How Can A Man" ranges in memories of the 80's with a pop line and a bass line that reminds me a lot of Level 42; catchy and radiophonic, it's a nice carefree song with which to have a pleasant time.
"Broken Souls" as a bonus track, closes "Tafkatno" with a very good rhythm for a piece that has the flavor of a very sweet rock.
"Tafkatno" is such a brilliant album and I count among it the best albums released in 2021 and I highly recommend listening to it.

Valeria Campagnale

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