Heaven Denies, Marco Politi is the new guitarist


10/20/20211 min read

Heaven Denies - Italian Power Metal BandWe announces the new guitarist, Marco Politi with this statement:

"Marco is only 23 years old and for us he is a promise of the Italian metal. Like us it is a huge fan of StratovariuS and in particular of Matias Kupiainen, of HammerFall, Luca Turilli and Rhapsody, we found the right in him background and great technical skills, in great demand in our genre. With him in a very short time we were able to put on our show that we can't wait to take around Europe and complete some songs of the new album. But since we prefer deeds to words here are a video playthrough, be amazed and then follow us on our social networks".

Heaven Denies - Italian Power Metal Band, Marco Politi is the new guitarist. InfinityHeavy