Sound Infection, "Asperger" new single online


11/15/20211 min read

After a short summer hiatus, Sound Infection are coming back with a new thrash-metal-meets-dubstep headbanger titled “Asperger”. Taking a brief narrative break from the cyber-fueled Infected Saga, this song instead focuses on present-day society becoming increasingly de-humanized, detached from reality and desensitized towards true suffering. A world where we virtually care about every injustice while being practically "autistic" and incapable of empathy towards how the person sitting next to us on a bus feels.

On this new release under Aim To Head music label, the band enthusiastically comments: “We’ve been quite productive lately and we have great plans for the upcoming months, now we’re louder and stronger than ever."

Sound Infection line up:
Francesco Ragazzini- Producer/Composer/Keyboardist
Emanuele Evangelista- Bassist/Composer
Leonardo Di Fortunato- Drummer/Composer


Sound Infection, "Asperger" new single online