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Band: Mad Margritt
Title: Best Of 1999-2021
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Perris Records
Release date: Digital 29th October 2021 CD format 19th November 2021


2021 Lineup:
Eddie Smith - Vocals
Mark Cook - Guitar
Matt Aebi - Bass
Tod Williford - Drums

1) Thief In The Night (unreleased)
2) The One You Love To Hate
3) Never Enough
4) Liar
5) It's Time I Told You Goodbye
6) I Can't Get Enough
7) Don't Say A Word
8) Loaded Gun
9) Animal
10) Lonely (unreleased)
11) Nothing Can Keep Me Away
12) Cold Sweat
13) One Look In Your Eyes
14) Anyway (That You Want Me)
15) Rock The Block (unreleased)

Mad Margritt, one of my favourite American bands is back with the album "Best Of 1999-2021", already released worldwide in digital format on is 29th October and which will be physically released on November 19th, 2021 by Perris Records; the album will contain the best tracks of Mad Margritt's career, starting from those of the first album "In The Name Of Rock" of 1999 up to the current album "Love, Hate And Deception". The collection also includes three previously unreleased tracks, including "Thief In The Night", "Rock The Block", which was featured on the HGTV Rock Show where the band performed it live, and "Lonely," a track recorded in 2005 and previously only available at the band's shows.
It's with the new "Thief In The Night" that this nice crunchy album opens, a sharp track with a high energy rock line in what can be the style of "Dog Eat Dog" by Warrant, with a very good rhythmic line, strong but always melodic vocals, with nice guitar riffs and a nice solo that together with the choruses form a nice explosive track, definitely a song to enjoy live.
Mad Margritt continue with the energetic "The One You Love To Hate", a track included in the 2016 album "Love, Hate and Deception", as well as "Never Enough" which
follows the sparkling rock line made of sharp guitar and a really catchy sound.
Well, what can I say about "Liar" except that it's simply catchy and scratchy from the start with Mark Cook's guitar that with sharp riffs and a nice rhythm section really rocks. Being the rocker that I am, I can't help but appreciate this adrenaline filled track; another track to enjoy in a live session.
If up to now we have heard Eddie Smith in scratchy and more or less aggressive tones, with the power ballad 'It's Time I Told You Goodbye', we can hear his sweetness and melody, while maintaining a strong tone.
"I Can't Get Enough", featured on the 2013 album "Show No Mercy", picks up on more lashing tones, always reminding me of the Warrant vein and 80s aura; beautiful guitar in the finale.
"Don't Say A Word", released in 2007 and contained on the album "Animal", recaptures the hard rock glories of the golden age on Sunset Boulevard with a melody that is perhaps more melancholic than the tracks presented so far but still lively.
Always beautiful the crunchy track "Loaded Gun" that if I remember correctly Mad Margritt's video was nominated in 2009 as video of the year by Rocknation USA., always very attractive.
"Animal", from the 2007 album of the same name, strong guitar and good drums, Tod Williford's drumming fully supporting the track, as enthralling as the first time I heard it.
"Lonely", second new track for Mad Margritt who don't lose their polish and deliver a really good track with Eddie Smith singing very much in the style of Jane Lane; great bass, Matt Aebi's line is actually well present in every single track, for a melodic track with Cook's guitar licks, I love it.
Let's go back a few years, to 2002 to be exact, and we find "Nothing Can Keep Me Away'"from the "New Sensation" album, and here too personal memories of sleazy and glam rock, somewhere between Poison and Hanoi Rocks come flooding back, this song still excellent; special guest at the microphone Derek St. Holmes and I won't say any more, you have to listen to it.
Further back to 1997 with "Cold Sweat", included in the eponymous album and "In the Name of Rock" (1999), we have melodic choruses for a track that is easy to keep in mind, always beautiful guitar inlays with a robust solo, another track that could not be excluded from this collection.
From the "Cold Sweat" album we continue with 'One Look In Your Eyes', a softer but still gritty track with a sound vaguely reminiscent of Pretty Boy Floyd. If you don't know this band I'd say it's a pity not to have followed them from the beginning but you can make up for it with this collection and listen to genuine sleazy/glam tracks.
From the same album we continue with 'One Look In Your Eyes', a softer but still gritty track with a sound vaguely reminiscent of Pretty Boy Floyd; if you don't know this band I'd say it's a pity not to have followed them from the beginning but you can make up for it with this collection and listen to genuine sleazy glam tracks like the following track "Anyway (That You Want Me)", same album, same charge and always with a lot of verve.
And here we are at the end with the third and new track "Rock The Block", Mad Margritt don't let themselves be influenced by musical trends and offer a tough and vibrant song, always catchy and always with its roots firmly planted in sleazy hard rock, needless to say that "Rock The Block" also contains some very impressive guitar licks and Eddie's voice is always at the top.
To sum up, like all best of's, it is a journey through one's career, a pleasure for the nostalgic, the supporters of the genre like me and obviously for the younger ones to discover one of the bands that made rock their motto.

Valeria Campagnale

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