Joe Stump - Diabolical Ferocity


9/24/2021 2 min read

Musician: Joe Stump
Title: Diabolical Ferocity
Genre: Instrumental Hard Rock
Label: Lion Music
Release Date: September 17 2021


01. Ignition
02. Burn It Down
03. King Of The Underworld
04. The Snake Charmer's Fate
05. Nacht J.S. Bach
06. Sneak Attack
07. Die By The Sword
08. Viking Pillage
09. Maximum Damage
10. Forever Moore

Joe Stump is a legend and undoubtedly one of the virtuosos of the six strings, we heard him play in bands such as Reign Of Terror and Raven Lord and Alcatrazz but also with solo albums, usually of very good artistic quality, just think of "Guitar Dominance!" (1993) or "Supersonic Shred Machine" (1996) or "Symphonic Onslaught" two years ago. This year Joe is back with another intense album, 'Diabolical Ferocity', ten tracks of pure virtuosity and technique and I can say right away that, personally, it is one of the best albums released in 2021. Ten tracks that follow one another in a homogeneous way and manage to provide an edgy and undoubtedly impeccable atmosphere.
The intro "Ignition" brings us to the first track "Burn It Down", neo-classicism with interesting peaks in the changes of rhythm, in which Joe Stump proceeds with extreme dexterity between sharp riffs and interesting shredding.
The next track, 'King Of The Underworld', takes us on a classy musical journey, in which Blackmore's school comes to the fore and it's good to know and hear that the classic
sound still manages to influence and Stump brings out excellent influences between the manual twists and turns between the strings.
"The Snake Charmer's Fate" is a separate chapter and is one of the most interesting pieces on this album, again, among technique you can glimpse the purest neo-classicism,
which actually breathes throughout the album but at times is more prevalent.
"Nacht J.S. Bach" and "Sneak Attack" are both technically proficient tracks, and the execution remains impeccable, perpetuating throughout the ten tracks on "Diabolical Ferocity". "Die By The Sword" is another track worthy of attention, whether for its explosive charge or the aura that emanates from Stump's technical prowess, the fact is that this piece captures you in its musical coils.
Haunting fury in "Viking Pillage", a genius track, another gem on this truly intriguing album. Not to be outdone is the following 'Maximum Damage', fast, powerful and edgy, a fast-paced journey through technique and skill.
The closing track is the beautiful "Forever Moore", an emotionally instrumental guitar ballad fueled by the influence of Irish guitar giant the late great legendary Gary Moore, as moving as it is impeccable in its bluesy essence.
With 'Diabolical Ferocity' Joe Stump gives us endless sensations and if you think you can label this guitarist only for speed and technique, or as a Malmsteen clone, you are very wrong. Stump is a high calibre musician who manages to intertwine skill with the warmth of his emotions.

Valeria Campagnale