Dianadea, "Porta Inferi" official release on 31 October


10/29/20212 min read

Anticipated by the singles 'Porta Inferi' and 'Alza Caronte', Dianadea's new concept album will be released in all digital stores on 31 October.

The physical copies of the limited edition CD, have been anticipated at the digital release, 22 copies of the CD "Porta Inferi" are still available and can be requested at this email: MARCO7938@GMAIL.COM

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"'Porta Inferi' is an album dedicated to the figure of the Goddess Mephitis. The Goddess among the guardians of the Underworld, which is described and narrated in the album in its different facets, the decline of her cult, her connection with the myth of Hades/Kore... We won't reveal anything else but the complex, indistinct and compressed sound of "Porta Inferi".

The work is based on ancient texts (from Virgil to Pliny) and on specific local traditions and real historical events that have come together.
They therefore look at the indigitamenta of the goddess, the decline of her cult by Christianity with the demolition of the temple, the tradition of animal sacrifice, in this case by sending the animal to the Mephitis on the occasion of the grain festival, its connection with the myth of Hades/Kore, local folklore such as saying "Alza Caronte" at that place or the presence of treasures there, given by demons in exchange for the soul and, also, a poem written by a local priestess of the relevant goddess.

Dianadea has continued with this new work his of experimental research that oscillates between metal, dark and doom settings always in a neofolk key.

"Porta Inferi" Tracklist:
1 Porta Inferi
2 Alza Caronte
3 Diavoli e Tesori
4 Mefitis
5 Mortiferi
6 Oscura Mefite

Artwork: Simona Arian Cordara
Special guest: Laverna in "Porta Inferi"
Music and lyrics: Lord Yshua
"Oscura Mefite" lyrics: Antonella Della Morte


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Dianadea,Porta Inferi,rockersandotheranimals,pressoffice,Shaman,darkmetal,doom,mefite