Dianadea - Pota Inferi


11/16/2021 2 min read

Band: Dianadea
Title: Porta Inferi
Genre: Doom - Psychedelic
Release date: 31 October 2021


1. Porta Inferi
2. Alza Caronte
3. Diavoli e Tesori
4. Mefitis
6.Oscura Mefite

Dianadea, Lord Yshua's one man band, is back with "Porta Inferi", a concept album entirely focused on the goddess Mefite, after "In Nomine Dei Nostri" and "Santa Djanara", released on October 31st in limited edition, as always a journey through paganism through a musical language between doom, dark ambient and shaman. Porta Inferi" features distorted facets, mostly focused on the bass, intertwined with drone and psychedelic sounds, without ever setting aside the shamanic side that has always distinguished Lord Yshua's releases. Unlike his previous works, I find "Porta Inferi" a deeper work in its obscurity and like Orpheus in the Underworld, Dianadea takes us on a spiritual journey.
We focus on the Valle d'Ansanto, the heart of ancient Irpinia, and the navel of Italy, a sacred place dedicated to the goddess Mephitis, a divinity linked to the cult of water and the fertility of the earth and human beings; a place mentioned by the poet Virgil who describes the mephitic exhalation of the valley. As always, the lyrics in Italian, dialect and Latin give that aura of commemorative flavour as much as suggestive.
And so with the title track "Porta Inferi", the firts single released, we can immerse ourselves in an allusive and deep line in which its essence is represented by a musicality that ranges from doom to psychedelia, not forgetting that dark atmosphere that gives the song a dark imprint.
"Alza Caronte", second single extracted from Porta Inferi, manages to convey that dark restlessness that manages to fascinate in its entirety, very present the hyper distorted bass, as is a sort of backbone of the entire album, a sort of deep experimentation.
In "Diavoli e Tesori" we are surrounded by the synth side of Dianadea, suggestive as well as evocative, while "Mefitis" manages to be so realistic to be able to feel part of the place next to Mephitis itself, between a kind of restlessness and sacredness.
"Oscura Mefite" " closes this interesting work with drumming, the shaman drum that never abandons Dianadea, and the synth that goes hand in hand with this record giving a deliberately aseptic as much as visceral atmosphere.
"Porta Inferi is a successful experimental album in which Dianadea manages to express the essence of spirituality that will appeal to those who love experimentation and those who appreciate shamanic atmospheres.

Valeria Campagnale