Obscurum Malum, the new single and video 'Suspirann' feat. Herah Of Ice (Startingfire)

A preview of the mini-suite 'Phantasma', a concept in the final stages of processing by Obscurum Malum.

Drawings by Valeria Campagnale.

Stay tuned!

(The central drawing by Valeria Campagnale)

Artists who wanted to dedicate their drawings to the STIMMATE story, illustrating it with their own vision.

A story from which the entire new work by Obscurum Malum is taken.

The participation of two female voices.

Other news related to the cultural/esoteric aspect of the work and the concept.

(Drawings by Valeria Campagnale)

PHANTASMA was not born as an album or music.

It was born, like a Matryoshka doll, from the contemporary living of dirges, poems and visions.

Here it will become a story with profoundly gothic-horrorist overtones, but grafted onto folklore, woven into a small graphic novel, which contains micro poems that create the music.

Or where the music creates them.

It will be, in these months, splinters of music, poetry, drawing, narratives in my consideration of a concept as a living, pulsating entity, which self-erabolises with time.

Taking you to Irpinia, immediately deflowering the local, sacred, concept of Stigmata, so much celebrated in some figures.

Which here lets the truth become a whore.

The profound marginalisation, the distancing by day from what one makes love to at night.

The necessity of knowing how to touch death by losing one's breath, like the phantasma that suffocates in its revenge, in order to find life again, to elaborate the intrusiveness of the cancel culture, of the done sentences.

The figure of a healing that does not exclude death.

A cure that does not exclude scratches.

And of which the collective unconscious, mixed with fascination, is terrified.


For me, Phantasma is already here, in this drawing, as in the others.

Phantasma is my approach to art made of splinters.

Welcome to Phantasma.

In the review for the compilation 'A Time Of Sorrow' (Ocularis Infernum), the track 'Phantasma' by Obscurum Malum on Blackmetalistkrieg Webzine

The closing is entrusted to Obscurum Malum, a solo project that has not substantially changed its genuine and essential approach since the time of the debut demo "Crypta Vox", which dates back to 2005, although ranging between different styles and sounds and adapting the black metal of the beginning to a concept with a folk taste, which recovers local traditions and legends. And "Phantasma" fits into this vision: a shamanic and evocative piece, with an acoustic and ritualistic feel, sung in dialect, which leaves aside the violence and represents a dreamy conclusion with an almost psychedelic flavour.