Obscurum Malum, the video for 'Phantasma'



2/1/20221 min read

The one-man black metal band Obscurum Malum presents the new video for the song 'Phantasma'.

The PHANTASMA, in other contexts, would be the Janara, in the strictest Irpinia.
Its figure, absolutely contrasting in purpose and context, was as despised as it was requested, in any case stigmatized right from its date of birth, 25 December.
An affront to Christ.
It is on this incipit that "Phantasma", Obscurum Malum's new concept, which will be completed in the time to come, starts.

In the video, deliberately spartan, the alleys represent the lonely path of Phantasma and are filmed in many small towns of Irpinia/foggiano, a symbolic and enigmatic path.
The song is part of the compilation "A Time Of Sorrow" published by Ocularis Infernum booking and promotion and distributed by Nadir Music and Wine and Fog.

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