Parris Hyde Release Video For "I Loved You, I Killed You"

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3/15/20221 min read

Parris Hyde present the official video of "I Loved You, I Killed You", which anticipates the upcoming release of the album Unlock Your Freedom.

The theme of femicide joins the severe criticism of Islamic culture, in a fast-paced and claustrophobic video supporting a gritty song with a modern and catchy trait.

The central interlude in which "Decapitate those who wanna decapitate us" is repeated obsessively has a strong impact.

We note the participation in the video of the guitar virtuoso "Luca Ballabio"

Parris Hyde Release Video For "I Loved You, I Killed You"

UNLOCK YOUR FREEDOM will be released and available all over Europe through Music for the Masses sister label “MISSLEADER” THE DAY 08th APRIL 2022

Unlock Your Freedom
, successor to the first full length Mors Tua, Vita Mea, released in 2016, offers a solid, classic Hard Rock digressing towards Metal, an album that the Band metabolized during the endless Pandemic-Lockdown months, trying to be as personal as possible while moving away from the genre’s cliches and stereotypes, shifting between classic and modern.

The line-up featured on Unlock Your Freedom consists of Parris Hyde on vocals and guitar, Roby Kant on bass and Karl Teskio on drums.

Unlock Your Freedom
will be distributed by Egea Music (Italy) and Code 7 UK (Europe).


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