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“Just Undress” is a tale of voyeurism from the point of view of the woman in this failing relationship.

Lyrics such as “Just undress, step into the light, I must confess I watch you every night” set unquenchable thirst to sleazy, but admittedly fun and bouncy music. The riffs are harder than the last single I remember, and the arrangements a bit more complex. Lyrically and vocally, Olli Violet owns the spotlight here, approaching the performance with as much character as vocal technique, and the story unfolds in a very visual way. This is tricky to do in a song, so kudos to Pressure for pulling this off. The song’s hook is memorable and catchy, and you find yourself thinking of it after the song is over” -Caleb Straus of First Angel Meda

Release Date: 6 th May 2022

Label – XING Records

Written and composed by Simon Forsell, Olof Jönsson, Emil Salling and Olli Violet

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Meet the perfect couple, beautiful, sexy, rich, great jobs and well liked by all!

But if there is no passion and no trust - well then it’s just a charade!

This was a double single from Pressure tells this story from both the male and the female parts.

Male part was told in the song and video “BARB WIRE LOVE”:

They have what seems to be a perfect relationship as viewed from “outside” but no passion and no trust, they both are secretly watching and wanting the girl across the street They are not aware that the other is doing the same. Both are looking for excitement and yearn for the same girl across the street!

The song “Just undress” tells the story about the girl who lives for the excitement of watching her secret desire undress through her window, not daring to express her feelings directly. During the day she is the perfect wife but the wild side comes out at night when her boring man sleeps!

Band Members:

Guitars, drums, backing vocals – Simon Forsell

Lead vocals – Olof Jönsson

Guitar – Emil Salling

Vocals – Olli Violet

Bass – Ignacio Arrúa

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Label - Xing Records


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