Rethymno Rocks! #2 Open Air Festival

Rethymno Rocks! #2 Open Air Festival 02 + 03 September 2022 Fortezza Castle of Rethymno, Crete


7/30/20222 min read

Rethymno Rocks! is back with a bang with the second Open Air Festival at Fortezza Castle. This summer, Rethymno is the most important metal destination on the island of Crete! Don't miss the chance to experience a unique musical two-day event that is bound to be an institution, in a spectacular concert venue inside the Venetian Castle of Rethymnon. The most unexpected coalescence of glorious surroundings and metal vibes!


28/10/1995. Astoria Cinema. Nightfall make their first appearance on Cretan soil, in the city of Heraklion. That legendary concert is forged in memory for those who attended, in an equally legendary era for Greek Metal... Almost thirty years later, having enriched their discography with many top releases, the great Nightfall are returning to the island. Fresh, powerful and perhaps with the best line-up they ever had! Siege the opportunity to see one of the most historic Greek bands in a full show that promises to take us back but also paint a picture of what Nightfall is today! With them, we are delighted to welcome the mighty Fire and Steel, the ultimate MANOWAR tribute band to this year's Rethymno Rocks! Open Air Festival! Fire and Steel are making their first appearance in Rethymno, performing MANOWAR songs with their exemplary and characteristically outstanding stage presence! Two great local bands kick off the festival on Friday, September 2nd. The newly formed Phoenix Flight will give us a pure Heavy Metal taste, in their maiden appearance onstage, presenting their own brand new material. Next, the amazing 10,000 WATT will perform a set of selected Metal covers that will leave everyone satisfied!


31/03/2012 - 03/09/2022. Ten years after their renowned appearance in March 2012, the great SepticFlesh return to Rethymno for a unique headline show as part of Rethymno Rocks! Open Air Festival #2! SepticFlesh will appear on Saturday, September 3rd 2022 at the summer concert venue of the Municipality of Rethymno, on the Hill of the Fortezza Castle, as part of the promotion tour of their new album "Modern Primitive" released on May 20th by Nuclear Blast. Get ready for a Saturday that will go down in history! Rethymno Rocks! Open Air Festival welcomes to this year’s lineup the feisty Silent Winter! After the summer festivals in which they will participate with bands like Judas Priest, Elvenking, Ugly Kid Joe, etc., Silent Winter will head down south to hit the stage of Rethymno Rocks! #2! Exemplary Power Metal with the unique vocals of Mike Livas, in their first appearance on the island! The band will perform material from their entire discography and especially from the latest and favorite "Empire of Sins"! We end Saturday with a local vibe and perhaps the best band this city has ever produced. High-powered and masters of their art, Obzerv will grace this year’s festival stage with the passion and raw aggression that characterizes them. Their top stage presence, the perfect technical skill and songs from their long career - and especially from the last top album "Αcherontia Atropos"-, are the ingredients for a killer start for Saturday, September 3rd!

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