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2/14/20222 min read

Band: Vanir
Title: Sagas
Genre: Viking Death Metal
Label: Mighty Music
Release: 11 March 2022

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Day of Reckoning
Black Clad
See the Dragons Ride
The Bounty of Flesh and Bone
Battle of Middle-Earth
Andvari’s Curse
Gods of War

Martin Rubini: vocals
Kirk Backarach: lead guitar
Phillip Kaaber: rhythm guitar
Lars Bundvad: bass
Daniel Kronskov: drums
Stefan Dujardin: keyboard

After the album 'Allfather' (2019), Danish warriors Vanir will release their sixth and epic album 'Sagas' on 11 March 2022 for Mighty Music.
First track of the album is "Day of Reckoning", the last single released by the band, the guitar, with a fast opening riff is not only sharp but also powerful, clear, guitar that among other things offers a complex structure within the song that although melodious, is supported by a 'good full-bodied rhythmic structure, to complete the song, the voice of Martin Rubini who manages to create the right atmosphere. "Sagas" continues with the echo of Viking melodic and fierce soundscapes accompanying us in "Black Clad", another song with a solid rhythm that in itself manages to support the power of the opener, giving a more catchy idea thanks to the melodies. Of a different tenor is the following "See The Dragons Ride", with a more epic and brutal tone, a background for an imaginary attack or a battlefield.
With "Dødsfærd" we return to more melodic tunes without abandoning the death essence of the band. Kirk Backarach's guitar playing is more than excellent, but special praise must be given to Lars Bundvad, who juggles the bass particularly well in this track. Another song with an epic flavour that succeeds in involving. "Eindriði" is a furious and dense work as is the following "Sessrúmnir" but if the former is an imposed whirlwind with an aggressive vocalism and a darker musicality, the latter departs for a more airy if still guerrilla atmosphere. Two intense pieces in which the guitars 'clash' with the rhythmics creating a good balance.
The battle continues with 'The Bounty of Flesh and Bone', again the bass is phenomenal, vocals with a great grip and a fierce, melodic musicality and the guitars figuratively draw heroic rides. The epicness continues in "Æresstrid", which, with a heavy atmosphere, moves into the pressing mood that hovers throughout the album, an excellent representation of what Death Metal intertwined with Viking can be, with evocative choruses and Martin's voice, always perfect in its tones and in the way it presents itself.
"Battle of Middle-Earth is an evocative piece of Nordic warrior recall, another massive track that leaves no respite and proceeds undaunted in its progression between big riffs and 'guitar duels', picturing those melodic passages as victories in a war in the middle of nowhere.
The piece 'Andvari's Curse' is very interesting, an interweaving of musicality and rhythms, an intense and fierce piece with vocals as the protagonist, 'Gods of War' is a fitting continuation of both Martin's music and acting, a good balance of epic and forceful bruising, beautiful guitar solo towards the end. Also in closing it is impossible not to mention again the epicness centred in 'Visdomsmjøden', a succession of vivid musical emotions and it could not be otherwise for this Danish band.
Once again, Vanir have created an impressive and epic album that delivers vivid emotions.

Valeria Campagnale

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