RivetSkull Dive Into The Turmoil Of Relationships With Video For “Crash and Burn”

Seattle and Los Angeles-based heavy metal four-piece RivetSkull’s re-imagined full-length album was released on July 8th of this year.


9/19/20222 min read

Photo Credit - Niffer Calderwood

-R - Mark X. Plog (Guitar), Chad McMurray (Vocals), Mark Hopkins (Bass), Michael Robson (Drums)

Seattle and Los Angeles-based heavy metal four-piece RivetSkull’s re-imagined full-length album was released on July 8th of this year. “Trail of Souls: Samsara” is a complete re-recording of the band’s self-published 2020 album “Trail of Souls”. The first single released was “Crash and Burn”, along with a psychedelic video. Of the single, RivetSkull says:

“‘Crash and Burn’ is about the pitfalls of relationships. Though you can try to stay clear of danger, sometimes you can’t help but fall into the same traps! The new recording and production convey the drive and momentum a song about recklessness should be swimming in. We think we got there with this song and all the others on the album.”

Oozing energy and easy-to-move-to vibes, the single brings back the classic sound of the 90s, played with precision and expert musicianship. The members of RivetSkull have been playing together previously for many years and vocalist Chad McMurray has training from Maestro David Kyle (vocal coach to Geoff Tate, Layne Staley, Ann Wilson), ensuring that the band is able to deliver a high level of production and professionalism. After self-recording and releasing their debut album during the global pandemic, they’ve revisited their songs with professional production that captures the massive sound that fans have come to expect from their live shows.

Since its release, “Trail of Souls: Samsara” has only been gaining momentum. Within the first month of its release, RivetSkull was fortunate enough to be featured on Band in Seattle, KISW’s Loud and Local Band of the Week, and they were interviewed for the Concerts that Made Us podcast.

Recorded at London Bridge Studio (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Queensrÿche) and produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Deftones, Seether), “Trail of Souls: Samsara” promises much more than a sonic retouch of the original. The reworked collection features new cover artwork and the previously unreleased recording of a cover of Aerosmith’s “King and Queens”.

Recommended for fans of Dio, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest, RivetSkull is well suited for those with a taste for classic metal.

“Trail of Souls: Samsara” is available on all digital platforms at the following link - https://lnk.to/TrailOfSoulsSamsara​

Track Listing:​

1. Crash and Burn (2:49)

2. Forever (5:24)

3. Mystified (3:45)

4. Another Way to Heaven (7:29)

5. Narcissus (5:01)

6. Trail of Souls (4:04)

7. It’s Not Enough (4:02)

8. Kings and Queens (Aerosmith cover) (5:16)

Album Length: 37:54

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